Some issues about refrigerations system of IQF and BQF freezers 2018/6/19

1 What is the refrigeration system?

freezing tunnelThe complete refrigeration system includes compressor, condenser, evaporator and auxiliaries. In our question, the system is exclusive of evaprator, because the freezers have its own evaporator. The price of refrigeration system is for compressor, condenser and auxiliaries only.

2 How does the system run?

Please see the right drawing, it is very similar to the running of air conditioner, you can google "how air conditioner works" to know how refrigeration system works.

3 The kinds of refrigeration system

Based on refrigerant: they are ammonia system and freon system, based on compressor configuration: they are piston and screw; based on ruuning model, it has single stage and double stage.

4 How to select the system?

Generally, small capacity use freon, the typical freezer is blast freezer and samll freezing rooms. For example, the blast freezer, small capaicty IQF freezer (the freezing capacity is less than 2 tons/h). The ammonia is suitable for heavy duty capacity, under the circumstances, not only the freezer need to refrigerate, but also other machines are needed too. The big food processing plant generally adopts ammonia system, because the plant has many machine need cold, apart from IQF and BQF freezers, it also include ice flake machine, ice water cooler, cold rooms, cooling rooms and etc.

5 Why sometime our quotation of IQF freezer is exclusive of the price of compressor unit?

The compressor unit include compressor, condenser and some connection parts for the two parts. It is the main part of the refrigeration system. Actually it can be viewed as an independent equipment, compressor unit can be used in many system, the IQF freezing system is only one of its application. There are some company supply the compressor unit specially, and some compressor brand have its own sales network worldwide, like Bizter. So if customer can buy the compressor unit from the company or agent directly, it is more convenient and cheap.

6 If the customer has no experience in purchase, how to solve it?

In this condition, we can supply the compressor unit together with IQF freezer, but only available for freon system, do not supply ammonia system, because ammonia system is much more complex than freon system, and also takes long time to build. Considering the complexity of ammonia system, currently we don't supply the ammonia system. but if customer need, we can provide the customer some suppliers of ammnia system, Customer can contact with the supplier directly.