The Advantage of Freon system comparing to Ammonia refrigeration system 2018/12/11

1 Security

A) Green refrigerant R404A, colorless, tasteless, no combustion, no explosion safety of working medium;And ammonia colourless, toxic (level 2) toxicity, contains strong excitant odour, eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin have strong stimulation and poisoning danger, the air concentration of more than 15% are immediately create a risk of fire and explosion.Based on the above shortcomings, in a crowded public place and personnel intensive place of work will be banned.As a result, ammonia refrigeration system by national security production management department for examination and approval of management and operation regulation.
B) in addition, the fluorine system parallel technology has developed very perfect, paralleling system will not because of the failure of individual compressor in operation or maintenance requirements and affect the normal operation of the whole system.And compared with the single system to produce the same amount of cold, the sets of each press the average elapsed time is far less than single cooling system, the service life of the compressor is longer.

2 System complexity

Freon system structure is compact, less accessories, most units can be done in the factory, the quality of the system is guaranteed; Because have not been able to find the right and ammonia system miscibility of lubricating oil, need a lot of accessories to ensure system back to oil and to reduce the temperature of the system and results in a complex system, needs a large number of on-site installation work, for the quality of the system depends largely on the quality of installation team. The characteristics of freon system structure is compact, covers an area of small also made it possible to place it in corridor or roof.

3 Automaticity

Freon control system, based on heat load to control the running of compressor, so as to realize the control of temperature on freezer. We can set the temperature limit of freezer on the centralized control panel , the temperature difference can be very small, very good quality of the rolls during the food storage. And domestic ammonia system of temperature control is commonly full manual control, according to the observation of the temperature library personnel, to determine the open or stop the compressor on the Numbers.For all staff manual operation, this needs depends on the operating personnel technical level and the sense of responsibility. So the work of personnel quality requirements are very high. According to the survey of industry operators, to train a qualified ammonia system operator, generally need 5-10 years. And even the operation of the qualified person, to the operation of the machine and the system there are also many uncertain factors, such as operating personnel responsibility, fatigue and so on will affect the normal use of equipment, and even safety. Ammonia system requires somebody on duty for 24 hours.

4 Investment and Running Cost

If realize the same function (automation), use the fittings of the same class, the cost of freon system is lower than the ammonia system. Ammonia system needs a big area of gound, construction invest is much higher than the miniaturization of freon system unit, saved space can be used for production. In addition due to froen system structure is compact, ocuppy small area , is particularly suitable for additional investment. Considering the efficiency reason, freon system operation cost is lower than ammonia system. Considering the degree of automation, ammonia system requires 24 hours on duty, while freon machine only need to maintenance person regularly or irregularly inspect. Considering the maintenance cost, open the shaft seal is wearing parts, need to check regularly, replacement, while semi-closed head without it.