Processing Technology of Common IQF Vegetables - Edamame, Tomatoes and Green Pepper 2017/9/4


Edamame should be delivered to processing place as soon as possible after it is picked, the shell will get yellow if time is too long, washing with shell, blanching 3-5 min in 93℃ hot water, then cool it to less than 10℃ rapidly. Use vibration shaker to remove the water in surface, then feed into IQF freezer. Make small package after freezing, put in cold room for storing.


Method one: choose mature tomatoes as the raw material, remove the defective ones such as pests, cracking, deformity or immature. Dip in 0.5% to 1.0% calcium chloride aqueous solution soak for about 20 min, drain the water in surface, freeze at IQF tunnel which temperature is below -30 °C. By this method, the freezing speed should not be too fast, otherwise there will be brittle fracture, affecting quality.

Method 2: The process is same to method 1 before freezing. Freezing at -30°C for 10 min, put in the water of 30 to 35°C immediately, so that the tomato skin is cracked and peeled manually, put into plastic bags, then freeze at below -30°C. Make its core temperature to -18°C which is same to cold storage..

Green pepper


Choose fresh sweet pepper (persimmon pepper) as raw material. Sweet green pepper should be big, more flesh, small placenta, bright color (green) no pests, no hot spots, no rot. After picking it should be processed as soon as possible, usually do processing within 24 hours. Raw material should be sorted strictly, and wash 2 to 3 times. According to the consumer requirements it can be processed into three kinds of specifications:

1 cut in half and falf: the green pepper is cut into two small pieces, remove pedicle, cover, seed;
2 dice: cut into two pieces and remove pedicle, cover, seed;, dice it to 10-15mm3 cubes;
3 shred: cut into a certain width of the thin strip. Wash and remove the seeds.

Blanching, cooling and drain

Blanching In 100℃ hot water for 2min. it is allow not to do blanching based on requirement, freezing directly. But cool and drain are required.

Frozen, packing, cold storing

Processed pepper are being frozen for 10min (freezing at -35 ℃), quantitative packaging, cold storing.