Processing Technology of Common IQF Vegetables
- Cucumber Corn and Spinach


Sweet corn

Take the mature sweet corn, yellow or white is ok. Corn kernels should be full, neat, remove too old raw materials. Due to the quick progress of maturation after harvesting, IQF freezing process should be completed as fast as possible. Frozen corn can be frozen with or without cob. Generally the corn is frozen without cob, The process is as follows: remove the skin, pick off the tassel, use corn cutter to cut the kernels from cob, blanching in hot water at 100 ℃ 3 ~ 4min, take out and cool to below 10 ℃ in short time. Freeze in a freezing device below -30 ° C for 10-20 min, and pack in a plastic bag after freezing.

Another method is without blanching, remove the tassel of green corn, leaving 1 to 2 layers of skin, freezing directly, then packing and persevering, the quality is also very good.


IQF frozen cucumber is a quite popular frozen vegetable. Raw materials should be fresh, less seeds, The autumn cucumber is the best. Picking and processing in the same day, storing time is not more than 24h. The raw material should be cleaned when send to plant. Soak in the concentration of 5 ~ 10g/L water edible calcium chloride solution for about 20min. Then clean it again. Slice or dice cucumber according to cooking habits, During slicing and dicing, it should avoid the water loss, because if the water lost too much , it will be frozen to block in IQF freezer. The fluidized bed IQF freezer is competent for that. After freezing, quantitative packaging, preserved in the warehouse of -18 degrees. Prevent extrusion in cold storing, transportation and sales.


Select broomy leafy species. Raw material should be fresh, dark green, no yellow leaves, no pests and diseases, the length is about 150 ~ 300mm. interval time between harvest and freezing process should be as short as possible, storage time shall not exceed 24h. Picking, remove yellow leaves, cut roots and clean spinach one by one in pretreatment.

The old degree, moisture of spinach roots and leaves is different, blanching time for root should be longer, leaves should be shorter. The process way: place the cleaned spinach by roots down in baskets. When blanching, put the roots in hot water for 30s, and then soak the whole basket into hot water for 1 min. in order to preserve the spinach green, spinach should be cooled to less than 10C after blanching, finally drop water after cooling. Make a bunch of 500 kg spinach and pack into plastic bag, seal it, put the packages in low temperature of -30℃ for 20 min freezing, after freezing the spinach become is very crisp and easily broken, Take light, usually packed in a box of 20 bags.