The Advantages of IQF Vegetables


Do you eat IQF vegetables? It is the bags of cut broccoli, carrots, green beans, corn kernels, pea grain in the frozen area of supermarket. You may have question, since in the supermarket, and why not buy fresh vegetables, but to buy frozen vegetables?

In fact, the benefits of buying frozen vegetables, really not so simple as save time and money. Because the nutritional value of frozen vegetables may be richer than fresh vegetables!

1 Save cooling time

When you have no time to visit the vegetable market, only do a big purchase one or two weeks , vegetable preservation has become a problem. But if you make them to be frozen vegetables, or directly buy ready-made IQF vegetables, not only to extend the refreshing time of vegetables to 1 to 2 months, but also significant savings in cooking time, because the vegetables have been cut. Fried rice or cook with frozen vegetables, the time is almost same to boil instant noodles, but nutrition is rich and more.

And, the IQF frozen vegetables bought from supermarket, usually has been peeledand cut, save time and effort, at the same time also reduce the family kitchen rubbish.

2 More nutritious and fresh keeping than fresh vegetables

Mention the frozen vegetables, many people first reaction is how it is more fresh than vegetables? In fact, it's ture!

British scientists did adetection and comparison in fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. the results show that: frozen fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and vitamin B is much higher than fresh vegetables.


Fresh state, the longer the time, the more nutrient and water loss.

Whether the vegetables sold in supermarket or vegetable market, From the picking, selection, packaging, transport, until sent to your hands, you buy it and take to house, put it in the refrigerator, and then you cook it to a dish, Every second, fresh and nutrients of vegetable were losing. In order to delay the corruption of fruits and vegetables, how farmers will do? They will pick the immature vegetables. The immature fruits and vegetables, not only low nutritional value, but there may be with toxins.

On the contrary, IQF vegetables will use the freshest and mature vegetables, Vegetables nutrition and moisture is maximized locked during freezing, low temperature will slow down the fruit and vegetable ripening and corruption process, to keep it in the best condition for a longer time.