Processing Technology of Common
IQF Vegetables - Green Bean and Pea


Green bean

1 Pretreatment before freezing
Green beans which is for IQF should be guaranteed fresh, bright green color, strip uniform, slender, no spots, no pests and diseases, no other pollution. Wherever there are pests and diseases, abrasions, deformity are removed. Beans without side string should be cut to both ends of the tip; beans with the side sting should be remove it at first then cut both ends of the tip. And then clean the green beans in the water 3 to 4 times.

2 Blanching and cooling
Blanch in 93 ~ 100 ℃ hot water for 1.5 ~ 2min, make green beans green and do not show a patchy. Control blanching time and the level of blanching strictly, blanching with constantly stirring, so that will be even blanching.
After blanching cool the greens beans in normal water at first, then use ice water to cool, the water temperature is less than 5C, finally the temperature of raw material reach to 10C or less. Vibrate the surface water.

3 IQF Freezing and cold storing
Feed into a vegetable IQF freezer to freeze at temperature of less -30C for 10 min. Packed in 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 1.5kg, 10kg and 20kg packages. And then load into carton packaging, each box 20kg. Cold storage temperature is -18 ℃, layered stacking cargo, prevent extrusion.


1 Pretreatment
Fresh pea is need to be shelled pods, one hour of manual shelling can processe 24kg; mass production should used mechanical shelling, shelling capacity can reach to 2000kg/h. The shelled pea should be sorted as 7 ~ 8mm, 9 ~ 10mm, 11mm+ the various specifications, process them according to the sales requirements. Mechanical shelling should avoid mechanical damage.

2 Blanching and cooling
Peas loaded into the basket at 100 ℃ hot water blanching 1 ~ 1.5min, the duration of blanching should depend on the size and maturity of pea grain. The raw material after the blanching is cooled to below 10C and then vibrate the surface of the water.

3 IQF and Storing
After the above-mentioned processed peas, send to IQF freezer by elevator and vibrating feeder. The freezer can use fluidized bed freezer which is the monomer suspension, freezing temperature at -30 ℃, the freezing time of 7 ~ 10min. When freezing is finished, According to a variety of specifications for packaging, plastic bags or boxed sealing should be tight. Store in the cold room of -18 ℃.