Belt Dryer (Continuous Dehydration Machine)

belt dryer

Belt dryer is a kind of common continuous dehydrated equipment. It is widely used in food dehydration plant. Especially it is suitable for drying sliced or cut vegetables and fruits. After drying processing, the water content can reach to 10% or less. But the quality of raw material isn't damaged. The belt dry is also used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic industry and so on. Adjustable temperature makes it have the capacity to dry more raw materials.

Dehydration Products

Dehydrated vegetable, monosodium glutamate, organic pigment, propylene fiber, medical materials, plastic products, aging or solidifying for electronic elements

Working Principle

The materials are covered in belt evenly by feeding machine. The belt is made of stainless steel or nylon. It is driven by transmission system. The belt dryer is consisted of several units, Hot air circulate independently in each unit. Partial end gas is discharged by dehumidifying fan, waste gas is controlled by adjustable valve. The hot air pass through the belt which is covered materials from up to down or down to up, this process achieve the exchanging of heat and moisture. The belt moves slowly, its speed can be adjusted according to the material temperature.


Air volume, heating temperature, drying duration and feeding velocity can be adjusted in order to obtain the best drying effect.
Diversified configuration. Material, structure and dimension is available to design based on particular demand.
Unique air dividing system makes hot air distribute evenly to guarantee the dried product quality.
Various heating for option: steam boiler, electricity, coal stove and fuel burner.

vegetable dryer

The video of Continuous Belt Dehydration Machine