Box Dryer

The box dryer is vegetable drying equipment for batch production. Compare with belt dryer. Several sets (generally more than 20 sets) work simultaneously. This drying plant needs more space, but save the investment. It is made by stainless steel and corresponds to food hygiene standard. Box dryer is widely used in various of vegetables, it is the common drying equipment. And color, fragrance and taste of dried products almost remain unchanged.

Working Principle

Put vegetables into the dehydrator box, the vegetables should be cut as small pieces in advance. The hot steam form boiler. enter the pipe of box dryer. The fresh air passes through the steam pipe and be heated. The centrifugal fans blast the hot air to the dehydrator box. Temperature of vegetable rises and the moisture is evaporated.


- Processing capacity: processing 100-110kg/time
- Size of box: 2×3.5m, height 1 meter.
- Power of motor: 3kw

vegetable dehydrator