Fish Dehydrator

fish drying machine

Fish dehydrator is preferred equipment for dehydration of fish. The drying machine is designed according to the principle of water to be separated out in alternate hot and cold surroundings. The drying temperature is controlled between 10℃ - 30℃.The temperature range both guarantee the effectiveness of dehydration and won't damage the fish. The fish after drying not only retain its intrinsic flavor but also is convenient for packing, storage and transportation.

Technical Instruction

fish drying machine

1 Fish dehydrator is consisted of evaporator, condenser, compressor, several fans, insulation cabinet and air flow system. It adopts the way of heat and cold replacing alternately to realize the water evaporation in single room, for the purpose of drying raw material quickly and naturally.

2 The work principle of Fish drying machine as follows, blow the fresh fish in cool dry air, then transfer to blow hot dry air when the fish have been dried in cold surrounding for certain duration, at that time the cold fish will absorb heat and evaporate water in simultaneously.

Performance Data

  • Processing capacity: 400-1000kg/batch
  • Processing time:12-24 hours/batch
  • Min water content after dehydration: 30%
  • Quantity of trolley: 4-8
  • Drying Temperature: 12-25℃