Dehydration Plant

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Chenguan manufactures standard and customized fruit and vegetable processing line for dehydration . The line is consisted of major and auxiliary equipments. Major equipments are washer, blancher, ice water cooler, vibration dropper and air-blowing dryer. Auxiliary equipments are conveyor, feeding machine, picking table and etc. The machines can be selected according to the purpose. The main function of the fruit and vegetable cleaning are to remove the dirt in surface. The fruit and vegetable can keep good quality and nutrition.

Processed Vegetables

Green bean, pea, Dutch bean, maize grain, asparagus, calla, potato chips, taro, mushroom, cauliflower, lotus root, onion, etc.

Processed Fruit

Cherry, strawberry, peach, pear, mango, pineapple,etc.

Processing Stages

Bubble cleaning →Belt blanching → Ice water cooling → Water shaking → Fan Dehydration → Packing