Plate Freezer

plate freezer

The plate freezer has almost 30 years history. It is an ideal freezing equipment for frozen food by trays. It achieves quick freezing of food by utilizes high heat transfer aluminum alloy plate to contact the bottom surface of the food trays, and force cold air cold convection on the surface of the frozen foods. The freezer has the features of quick freezing, easy operation, small volume, compact configuration, low power consumption and low investment. It allows adding water in middle time of freezing, and is widely used in aquatic products such as seafood, fish and shrimp, poultry and snacks, also for small packaged foods.

Features of Plate Freezer

  • The plate of the freezer is made of aluminum alloy integral plate, which is designed and manufactured professionally.

  • Hydraulic lifting system, aluminum alloy plate double-sided contact, supplementary of fan forced air cooling, high heat transferring efficiency and large transferring area, short freezing time to save energy.

  • The high-strength pre-embedded frame of the freezer chamber, the whole high-density polyurethane foaming, the door accessories are made of stainless steel precision castings with anti-corrosion performance.

  • The aluminum plate connecting pipe is made of stainless steel metal glass tube. It won’t age and leak in a fairly long time.

plate freezer plate freezer