IQF Spiral Freezer & Cooler

Comparing with other type IQF food freezers, spiral freezer system has its own advantages. There is a long mesh-belt in the body of the freezing system. The frozen foods stay in the cryogenic surrounding for long time. It has enough time to freeze the foods more deeply. Thanks to the long time freezing, the spiral freezer can work with small capacity compressor, it will save more investment in the refrigeration system. In the same floor space, spiral quick freezer has larger freezing capacity.

The standard models of spiral freezer system manufactured By Chenguan include single and double spiral drum. The capacity is from 500-2000 kg/h. We also provide the solutions to customized demand. We can design the freezing capacity, equipment size, belt length, inlet and outlet directions according to customers' indication.

Features of the System

Compact structure, saving space
Good quality and thick body to insulate
Stainless Steel belt, long duration to use
Touch digital screen, easy to operate
Optimized refrigeration design


Bakery, cheese, dairy, poultry and seafood, chicken, meat, langoustine, clams, pork, shrimp and etc.

iqf sprial freezing machine

Performance Parameters

Product inlet temp: +15℃
Product outlet temp:-18℃
Feeding density: 5.5 Kg/m²
Freezing time: 20-60 minutes
No. of Drums: 1 or 2
Tier Pitch: 170 mm.
Refrigerant: R717,R22,R404a,R507c
Height of the in and outlet: 770mm
Voltage: 380V or customized

iqf spiral freezing equipment

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