IQF Shrimp Processing Plant

The shrimp processing plant manufactured by our company covers the whole line of IQF shrimp. includes shelling, washing, grading, cooking, cooling, IQF freezing, glazing and hardening.The main components of all the machines are made of stainless steel 304 completely. Shelling is done by manual work, other steps are processed by the automatic processing line. We can provide individual equipments of this processing line based on special demand, as well as build the processing plant as a turnkey project. This processing plant also available for other small seafoods

Species of Processed Shrimp

Black Tiger (Penaeus monodon)
White Vannamei (Penaeus vannamei)
Sea White (Penaeus indicus)
Flower (Penaeus semisulcatus)
Black Pink (Penaeus monoceros)

It also processes:
Squid Rings, Cuttlefish Slice and other small pieces of seafoods

Processing Steps And Equipments

Equipment Application
Shelling Table Shell shrimps by manual
Grading Machine Grade shrimp into
different sizes
Washing Machine Clean out shrimp
Steam Cooker Cook and sterilize shrimp
Normal and Ice Water Cooler Clean and cool the cooked shrimp
Vibration Shaker Remove the water stick on the
surface of the articles
Bulk Feeder Spread shrimps evenly when being
fed into the IQF freezer
Spiral or Tunnel Freezer Freeze the shrimp instantly
Glazer Glaze ice in the surface of shrimp
Hardening Machine Harden the ice glazed in shrimp

shrimp iqf freezing plant