Fluidized Bed IQF Freezer

Fluidized bed IQF tunnel freezer is the freezing equipment designed for vegetables and fruits IQF freezing purpose specially. For the particular structure, raw materials of vegetables or fruits are required to be frozen in a very short time.

Long time freezing will lead to form block ice in cells. These block ice will damage cells and influence the quality of IQF fruits or vegetables. Instant freezing is an effective way to avoid it. Different with other freezing machines, the air blast from bottom to top, all the surface will contact with cold air evenly, articles are frozen in a short time, generally the freezing duration is 10-15 minutes. Fluidization makes freezing more deeply, quickly and thoroughly.

Our fluidized IQF tunnel freezer for vegetable and fruit correspond to standard of food hygiene. Energy saving and high efficiency. The largest capacity of the freezing machine can reach to 5000kg/h. It is also available to design based on customized requirements.

Runing Principle

Low temperature - Freon system supply cold energy, the evaporative temperature can be -45℃ or lower. Cryogenic environment is kept in insulation cabinet.
Two phases freeze - Initial phase generates small ice rapidly and freeze articles surface, the duration is about 5 minutes. Final phase hardens the small ice, The core temperature reaches to -18 degrees Celsius. This duration is about 5-10 minutes.
Blast freezing - Powerful fans in the bottom of the freezer. Those fans supply enough air volume to form fluidized state.
Vibratory conveying system rotate and tumble to prevent articles from sticking with each other.

fluidized bed iqf freezer iqf freezer for vegetable fluidized freezing

Fluidization IQF

The super cooled air is blown from the bottom of belt, food particles are suspending in fluidized bed status, the IQF technology allows to freeze instantly and no sticking to each other, it is the best choice for freezing seasonal vegetables and fruits. Also available to freeze small seafood pieces and shrimps.

Performance Parameters

Product inlet temperature: +15℃
Product outlet temperature:-18℃
Freezing capacity(based on green bean):500-5000kg/h
Freezing time:10-20 minutes
Feeding density: 3 Kg/m²
Refrigerant: Ammonia(R717),Freon(R22,R404a,R507c)
Temperature of air circulation in insulated cabinet:-38℃
Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 Phase or Customized

Frozen Products

IQF Vegetables: green pea, sweet corn, baby corn, carrot, okra, bean, mixed vegetable, broccoli, cauliflower,peppers,spinach etc.
IQF Fruits: papaya, mango, ​pineapple, guava, pomegranate, strawberries, coconut, etc. fluidized freezing

The IQF Freezer in Running (pea and strawberry)                                        PDF Catalogue

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