IQF Freezing System

There are three types of IQF freezing equipments Chenguan manufactures. The processed range of food covers fruits, berries, vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry. Faster freezing speed, higher freezing quality. Inner temperature under -35 Celsius degree guarantee the effectiveness. The out-feeding temperature of the foods is general -18℃.

Foods available: Seafood, vegetables, poultry, meat, fruits and bakery.

Freezing Processing Plant

The plant is mainly for processing vegetables, fruits or shrimp. The basic processing steps are washing, blanching/cooking, cooling, freezing. Glazing and hardening is special for shrimp processing. The plant works with IQF freezing system.The complete line can work automatically.

Material: Stainless steel 304
Processing capacity: 500-4000kg/h

Refrigerator System

We have two kinds of refrigeration equipment, which are the essential parts in refrigeration system: evaporative condenserand unit cooler (evaporator). We supply the unit cooler both for ammonia and freon systems. The evaporative condenser is specially designed for ammonia system condensation purpose.

Heat rejection of evaporative condenser: 375-2280 kw/unit.
Heat exchanging area of unit cooler:25-500m²/set

Dehydration Machine

Our company can produce the dehydration machine individually or the whole dehydration line. The dehydration line is only for vegetables or fruits. The processing steps are similar to the freezing plant. Include washing, blanching but no cooling. Cold air dryer is specialized equipment for fish drying.

Foods available: fish, vegetables and fruits.
Heating source: Steam, fuel or electricity.

Cold & Freezer Rooms

The cold rooms have different applications. Freezing, fresh keeping and cold storing are the major purpose. We supply the customized cold rooms and freezing rooms(blast freezer) for various purpose. The turn-key project of big volume rooms is available to design according to customers' requirement.

Room temperature:-30℃ - 10℃
Loading capacity: 300kg -100 tons