Two-stage Compressor Unit for IQF Freezer

We provide the solutions for the refrigeration system for large cold load and super low temperature working condition, which IQF freezing require. The refrigeration output of the system is available from 100kw to 500kw, evaprative temperature is under -45℃. The refrigerant of the system is available for R22, R404a, R134a and etc, The system is only for froen, not for ammonia.

The system includes two parts, compressor and condenser. The parallel compressor brand is Bizter from Germany or Fusheng from Taiwan, small capacity is piston type and large capacity is screw type. The condenser can be air cooled, water cooled or evaperative condenser.


-- The compresser is semi-closed without leakage. 5:6 asymmetrical rotor tooth, the rotor can maintain the optimum clearance value under continuous running status to achieve the highest efficiency. Import Swiss SKF bearings. The driven motor of compressor is a high-efficiency squirrel cage motor, which is stable in operation and high in efficiency.

-- Efficient external oil separator for optimal oil and gas separation, the oil separation efficiency can reach more than 99.7%, which can limit the lubricating oil entering the system with the refrigerant, thereby improve the heat exchange efficiency of evaporator. And gurantee the normal running of oil suppling system ofCompressors, especially for low temperature screw compressors.

-- It adopts Siemens programmable PLC control to realize man-machine interface, Approach to the status of the unit running at a glance without worker. It can select the number of running compressors based on the change of load automatically , and can control the fans and pump running in the evaporative condenser,greatly saving energy. The fault can be diagnosed by itself, and the user only needs to check the fault alarm record to know the cause of the fault.

Main Parts of Refrigeration System

Compressor and condenser Screw compressor, Protection module,Barrel pump unit,condenser
oil system External oil cooler,External high efficiency oil, External oil filter,External oil circuit solenoid valve,External sight glass,External oil pump, oil flow switch
high voltage system Reservoir Energy saver, System stop valve, Energy saver filter,
High pressure sensor, Liquid supply filter
Low voltage system Vapor-liquid separation device, Suction filter Suction shut-off valve ,Low pressure liquid spray expansion valve, Low pressure liquid spray solenoid valve
electrical system PLC, Electric appliance, LCD touch panel

iqf refrigeration system