Brine Freezer

Tunnel brine freezer is a kind of efficient individual quick freezing (IQF) machine which is for packed food material, especially for packed beef, shrimp, chicken and etc. Due to the food material contact with cold brine completely, the materials are frozen efficiently and thoroughly. The freezer is also convenient to clean and maintain. The brine freezer is a good choice for the block food materials, Save energy and freeze quickly.


The evaporator of brine freezer can't defrost, so it is no need to defrost, The freezer can run for more than 10 hours even 20 hours, save much time and enhance production capacity.
Saturated brine solution stores huge cold, it make brine freezer can works long time under low strength working condition of compressor, reduce power consumption. Second cost(running cost) is low.
Brine solution contact with frozen material completely, greatly promotes the heat exchange rate. So it makes freezing swiftly and thoroughly.
Its configuration and running principle is not very complicated, the freezer is easy to maintain and clean.

brine freezer

The Brine Freezer in Running                                 

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