Shrimp Grading Machine

It is suitable for head on shell on (HOSO) or head less shell on (HLSO) shrimp and prawn. The body of the shrimp grading machine is made by SUS304 stainless steel, correspond to food hygiene requirements. The grader is consisted of two parts: elevating feeder and grading unit. Grading unit has 6 couples of roller which shape is up-thick and bottom-thin. The shrimps are graded by the gap between two rollers automatically. The gap is available to adjust. Total 6 grades and 5 grades are under controlling. Accuracy of shrimp size reach to 0.1mm.

There are two kinds of roller material for optional. complete stainless steel roller or steel shaft with nylon covering, the rollers quantity can be changed according to grading capacity demand. The grading capacity can be customized from 500kg - 2500kg/h.

Technical Parameters of Standard Model

Model: XFJ-1000 (8 rollers)
Overall size: 5260mm x 1300mm (main body) x 2250mm
Power: 3.6KW

shrimp grading machine

Model:XFJ-2000 (12 rollers)
Overall size: 7500mmx1900mm (main body) x2200mm
Power: 4.1KW

Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3Ph or customized
Grading capacity: 2200-2500 kg/hour, depends on the shrimp species
The sizing standards for headless "shell-on" shrimp tails are:

16 – 20 count/pound; 21 – 25 count/pound
26 – 30 count/pound; 31 – 35 count/pound
36 – 40 count/pound; 41 – 50 count/pound
51 – 60 count/pound; 61 – 70 count/pound
71 – 80 count/pound; 81 – 90 count/pound

Shrimp Washing and Grading Line

Generally,shrimp should be cleaned and picked before grading. We also make the equipment for the purpose. like the picture below, from right to left: washing tank, picking conveyor, shrimp grading machine. The washing tank has an air pump, it makes bubble to clean the shrimp, then the defective shrimp can be picked by labours in the picking conveyor. The two machines combine as a washing and grading line.

shrimp washing and grading line shrimp grader

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