Evaporative Condenser

The advantage of evaporative condenser is from integration shell-condenser, cooling tower and water circulating system. The refrigerant transfers heat with air and water directly. It increases heat transferring efficiency highly. Chenguan evaporative condensers are made of galvanized steel coils with top suction counter-flow structure as well as high strength steel board covering. Solid appearance and durable in use. It is the desirable substitutes of traditional system of condensation.

Temperature range of wet bulb: 10℃ - 29℃
Temperature range of Condensation: 29℃ - 45℃
The range of heat rejection: 320KW - 2245KW (based on wet bulb=26℃, condensation=36℃

Running Principle

High-temperature gaseous refrigerant in the coils transfers heat with air and spraying water outside it. The refrigerant is condensed from gas to liquid state gradually. Thanks to the powerful fan and special design of the coil, spraying water covers the surface of coils completely. The effectiveness of heat exchange is obvious. The temperature of spraying water and air rise after absorb heat. Partial water transfer to gas. Taking away vast amounts of heat. The water in hot air is prevented by baffle and is collected in PVC heat transferring layer. That water is cooled by flowed air, and fall into collective groove. Then it is pumped into spraying system and circulates again. Lost water is supplied by water level regulator.

Performance Parameters of Some Models

Model Heat exchanging
Axial fan Pump Weight
Overall Size
L x W x H mm
air volume
STZ-1255A12552 x 620002 x 3130488103790X3030x4365
STZ-162016203 x 650003 x 5.5130495805330X2410x4825
STZ-1845A18453 x 750003 x 71705.5113705630X3030x4965
STZ-224522453 x 870003x 7.51705.5127605630X3030x4965

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