Unit Cooler (Evaporator)

unit cooler

Unit coolers for refrigeration produced by our company have three Series: BDF,LZW and FD, Two types: ceiling and floor. BDF and LZW series are chiefly designed for ammonia system, with aluminum tube and fins. And FD series which is copper fins and aluminum tube are in the purpose of Freon system. We supply the unit coolers both for quick freezer and cold rooms. We provide the solutions based on various working condition, freezing capacity and environment.


Refrigerants: R717 (BDF, LZW series), R22, R404a, R507C (FD series)
Material: aluminum pipes and fins for ammonia, copper pipe and aluminum fins for Freon
Casing: Galvanized plate or stainless steel
Defrosting: Electrical heating or water spraying.
Heat transferring area: 20-250m²/set, custom area is available.
Pitch spacing of fins: 4.5mm,6mm,9mm(Freon), 8mm,10mm,12mm(Ammonia)
evaporator Temperature range: +5C- -30C.


  • Reversible Hinged Drain Pan
  • Textured Aluminum Cabinet
  • Corrosion-proof face mounted Defrost Heater
  • Various Options Available for different applications and special requirements
  • The efficient and compact finned coils of the standard model are composed of aluminum fins with a fin spacing of same size which is corrugated surface and straight edges, expanded into copper tubes..