IQF Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant

Chenguan provides the standard and customized solutions for IQF fruit and vegetable processing. The plant is consisted of major and auxiliary equipments. Major equipments are vegetable washing machine, blancher, cooler and IQF freezer. Auxiliary equipments are conveyor, lifter, feeding machine, picking table and etc. All of those equipments can be manufactured by our company. The main function of the fruit and vegetable processing line are cleaning and sterilizing. Fruits and vegetables keep good quality and nutrition after processing. This plant is extensive used in fruit and vegetable processing industry all over the world.

Processing Workmanship

Pretreatment (Picking, sorting, cutting, peeling, slicing) → Bubble washing → Screw or belt blanching → Precooling in normal water → Ice water cooling → Water Shaking → Quick-freezing → Packing

Processed Vegetables & Fruits

Green bean, pea, Dutch bean, maize grain, asparagus, calla, potato chips, taro, mushroom, cauliflower, lotus root, onion, etc. Cherry, strawberry, peach, pear, mango, pineapple,etc.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing line

Parts of The Plant

Part I Pretreatment Line
The machines include selection conveyor, washing machine, blanching machine, cooling machine, vibration water dropper, sometimes conveyors and elevators are needed to connect the machines becasue of the space factor.

Part II IQF Freezer
IQF Fluidized Bed Freezer with vibration feeder to do freezing for vegetables or fruits material. This type IQF freezer is for vegetable and fruit freezing specially. All the materials will be frozen in a short time.

Part III Packing and Storing
Cold room and packing machine. The cold room size and quantity is up to the storing capacity. Part IV refrigeration system, inculding compressor and condenser, The system supply cold to cooling machine, IQF freezer and cold room.

Part IV Refrigeration System
compressor and condenser are the main equipments, Ammonia and freon system are avilable. The system supply cold to cooling machine, IQF freezer and cold rooms.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing line

Plant Layout

IQF Fruit and Vegetable Processing line

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